Today, the horse also takes part in security assignments, particularly in the Republican Guard. As it stands, the assignments of the Republican Guard’s cavalry regiment are to participate in State protocol and ensure the general public safety.

A highly mobile mounted force under the Ministry of the Interior, the cavalry regiment conducts daily public safety assignments on horseback in Paris and across France. The horse is used in diverse assignments: monitoring remote areas, tracking people, monitoring tourist areas, providing safety for large gatherings of people and law enforcement around stadiums.

Today, the horse also takes part in security assignments.

Regularly requested during major events such as the G8 or G20 Summit or during major sporting events, the regiment also has a squad permanently on standby and capable of mobilising itself with short notice for an unexpected event, such as a search for a missing person.

With eight permanent positions and 18 seasonal positions contracted during the summer in areas of high traffic, the cavalry regiment, on the whole, carries out more than 10,000 patrols per year and completes nearly 80 assignments using at least one squad, i.e. six riders with their horses.

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