Collection: Camargue Museum, PNR de Camargue. Digitisation: David Huguenin (no. 8301731).

Camargue gardian and horse, by Carle Naudot, before 1948.

On his Camargue horse, the gardian holds a long stick at the end of which is fixed a trident, which allows him to sort cattle. While the gardians did not wear special clothing in previous centuries, an array of clothing was created at the beginning of the 20th century at the initiative of the Marquis de Baroncelli-Javon. Seeking to build a strong local identity, defend and maintain the local traditions of the past, he was at the origin of the "Nacioun Gardiano" people. Also, he insisted that a specific outfit be worn by gardians, especially at public events and festivals, in order to establish a local identity. One may indeed notice the long-sleeve, closed-cuff shirt, the gardian trousers, the vest and the wide-brimmed hat. Also notable is the coloured tie, bow or lace on a closed-collar shirt. The Marquis also insisted that the trapping be that of a typical gardian ride and that the horses be mainly the Camargue breed.