La Manche departmental archives, 2 J 1054 [parchment 42.5 x 18 cm]

Inspection of the Seigneur de Thieuville of the men-at-arms and archers of the Saint-Lô company for the King of France, Charles V, 1368

The inspection is carried out for census purposes in order to settle accounts.
97 horses are identified by the coat colour:

  • 23 "black" horses
  • 23 "bay brown" to "light bay" bay horses
  • 21 "liart" horses (grey and dappled grey)
  • 15 "moreaux" horses (dark and shiny black)
  • 12 "fawn" horses (reddish)
  • 3 "amber" horses (brownish yellow)

For further distinctions, some are called "estellés".