Horse tack, riding equipment. Interview with Henri Desmonts, 2012.

Horse tack, riding equipment

Saddle: If you fly several hawks at the same time you will be in the saddle for a long time. As such, it is necessary that it be comfortable for the person riding and the animal ridden: I prefer "training" saddles with a deep seat, which do not impede the passage of small natural obstacles.
Mouthpiece: Snaffle bridle? Bridle? Double bridle? It is mostly a matter of preference and skill. It is necessary that your horse responds readily to the effects of reins held in the right hand and to guiding against pulls.
Halter and leads: These are very useful tack items. You will come across the need to tie up your horse to take care of the falcon. Hunting or hiking equipment is perfect.
To attach the reins and prevent them from catching the horse's legs when you dismount to recover your falcon in an inaccessible location, two Aylmeri jesses attached to one of the pommel rings are very useful: a reef knot helps to avoid saddlery costs.

Image :
Henri Desmonts and his horse Jim hunting