Photo : Renaud Fayet

Eurydice Schauly and Kiwi d’Auton. Pro Elite event, Sandillon , July 2012.

The major test of Eventing is cross. This test is intended to check the fitness of the horse. The course consists in a series of fixed natural obstacles (trunk holes , ford...). With a speed of 500-570 meters / min, a cross test can last up to twelve minutes for the most important competitions.

Eurydice Schauly comes from a family of riders. Her father, Didier, a former soldier and horseman from the Cadre Noir de Saumur, is now an international rider and trainer. He is, among other titles, world champion of military obstacles jumping. Donatien, her brother, is also a rider. He is a pillar of the France team. Eurydice is part of the future hopes of Eventing.