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Centaur Theatre

"The Centaur Theatre is a family of ten horses and humans who have built a whole way of life and world of creation. A village of caravans, stables of carved wood, ten people and ten horses work every day to achieve a utopia. Of course, the Centaur does not exist. This is the utopia of a relationship, a symbiosis to be only one in two."
"Because it is impossible, because it is a utopia, the Centaur is for us a form of commitment. A commitment that drives us to invent a theater that does not exist, different shapes, a different language."
The creations of the company are sometimes akin to theater (The Maids, 1998), sometimes to circus (Macbeth, 2001) or to art films and dance (Cargo, 2004, Flux, 2009) or to an experience of living together (TransHumance - flagship project of Marseille European Capital of Culture 2013 ). Founded in 1989, the Centaur Theatre is located in Marseille since 1995. It is headed by Camille & Manolo.