Crafty, Paris à cheval
[Paris on horseback]
Paris: Plon-Nourrit, 1883

"On the Avenue des Acacias one can see carriages truly for women. At the head of this series, it is best to place the eight-spring barouche, which remains the best afternoon riding carriage [...]. In 1830, and even later, the fashion dictated that one attend with others; the trend today is to go alone buried beneath furs [...] The equally elegant eight-spring brougham has the advantage of being warm and friendly to declining beauties. The half-day, easy to hold, is worth that of the most favourable boudoir lighting. We know some people triggering genuine pangs as soon as their eight-spring barouche stops next to the pedestrian path. The passers-by would surely less crowd around these people if they were sitting in the great light of an open carriage." 


Image :
The meeting, engraving by Eugène Guérard, mid-19th century

National Car and Tourism Museum, Compiègne © RMN-Grand Palais / Gérard Blot