Crafty, Paris à cheval
[Paris on horseback]
Paris: Plon-Nourrit, 1883

[The victoria is favoured by ravishing beauties]

"The little space it occupies often allows her to move where a large barouche would be forced to stop, and it is surely this ease to move which has enabled the success it holds for an entire category of pretty women as busy as the most ardent stock broker in pursuit of opportunities for speculation. An excellent vehicle for catching up and mingling with the phaetons and George IV phaetons led by singles men, it allows its female passenger to fling a passing word or gesture to set a time and place to meet. Carriages ride wheel to wheel during the time necessary to exchange essential information, and the servant driving the victoria does not need an order to slow down or increase the pace when the discussion is over, because he has heard everything [...] A car in which an elegant woman has the right to show off is the large, eight-spring phaeton. She makes very good impression once she takes her place, which is best displayed as driven by her husband."


Image :
Small George IV phaeton with Tarbes horses, engraving by Albert Adam, 1874

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