Photo : Écuries Hardy

Well-executed replica of a turgotine, the first regulated public carriage.

This replica of an early public stagecoach developed by the minister Turgot was built in the Écuries Hardy workshops.
The body is quite small compared to its large frame, whose impressive height has never been explained.
This carriage has been used in many films: The Horseman on the Roof by Jean-Paul Rappeneau in 1985, Valmont by Milos Forman in 1988, Manon Roland by Édouard Molinaro in 1989, The Return of Casanova, by Edouard Niermans, 1991, L'Auberge de la Jamaïque by Gilles Béhat in 1995, Balzac by Josée Dayan in 1999, Charlotte Corday by Henri Hellmann in 2008, among others.