Equestrian figure: "ramener”. Show by the ecuyer of the Cadre Noir in Saumur Jean-Jacques Boisson, 26 March 2013

The ramener is a horse’s posture indispensable to correctly overcome the difficulties of higher school, a.k.a. high equitation.
The base of the neck is lifted and rounded, the chamfer is slightly in front of the vertical and the nape remains the highest point. On this video, the horse is "on the hand”, which means that the mouth is in clear, soft and constant contact with active reins. The rider, bringing his horse on the bit with his legs, gets a flexion of the neck which establishes the collection. In this other sequence, the horse is "in the hand”: the collection is obtained with the hand alone which is acting on the relaxed mouth from a high neck. The reins are half active and the contact with the rider’s hand tends to become less important.

Picture credits: Pepper Only / French Ministry of Culture and Communication