Collection : musée Fragonard de l'École nationale vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort / Photo Olivier Jourdanet / MCC

Plaster écorché, by Antoine-François Vincent, circa 1780

This plaster écorché was made by the artist and veterinarian Antoine-François Vincent (1743-1789) while he taught a course on artistic anatomy at the School of Alfort. This horse displayed a bodily relief structuring the shape of a horse, which were largely unknown concepts at a time when the depiction of the horse often featured quite deformed animals. The second copy of the casting was exhibited at the Louvre before being placed in the studio of the sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon. It is now at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, in a monochrome version. The version at Alfort was colour-painted in the late 19th century to achieve a more comprehensive integration in the museum's didactic collections.